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Privacy & Storage

Information on how I store your images after your shoot and what I do with your data.

How long do I store your images?

For normal studio shoots such as Newborn, Smash and Maternity I will host your gallery online for you to view for a maximum of around two weeks to give you the time to browse and choose your images. Mini sessions or nursery & school images may be hosted for a shorter time.

After this your images will be moved onto either a secure cloud storage or on an external hard drive for an indefinite time providing I have the storage available.

I am not by law obliged to store your images for any length of time.

All the storage options I use are secure with firewalls and other security systems, HOWEVER due to the nature of a computer hard drives these may fail or corrupt leading to the permanent loss of images. Therefore any digital images or prints purchased are the  responsibility of the client to store themselves securely to prevent loss.

Personal Data

I use person data voluntarily given by clients to use only within my own systems for the purpose of providing the client the service of purchasing their images and only when necessary to provide a service relating to your photography session/s.

Data I hold may be limited to Name, Address, Email and Telephone number.

Any data I hold is secure and not available to anyone other than myself.

No person data is shared or disclosed to a third party.

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